Since 1980s, BNBM Group has been operating its domestic and international building material trading business. Over the years it has established extensive and stable cooperation with clients from dozens of countries and regions across the world, and possesses a perfect local and international integrated marketing network.

BNBM Group’s domestic trading is based on metal business, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is its core hub. Its clients are distributed across areas such as North China, Northwest China, Northeast China and South China. Major products include steel, coal, coke, iron ore fines, furnace charge, etc.

In 2008, BNBM Group sped up its “Go global” pace, and established BNBM Group Tanzania Co., Ltd. in Africa, which has now become influential local building materials supplier through active and effective brand promotion and localized operations.

In future, BNBM Group’s global trading services will be extended along the “Belt and Road” initiative. BNBM Group will constantly promote its overseas warehousing and logistics services, and optimize its product mix by utilizing CNBM’s production capacity and wide global supply chain system, to expand its regional influence and become an internationally influential comprehensive trading service supplier.

Member Enterprises

  • BNBM Group International Co., Ltd.

    ADD:5F, No.2, Zizhuyuan South Road,

    Haidian District, Beijing, China




  • BNBM Group Tanzania Co., Ltd. >

    ADD:Gate BNBM GROUP, next to

    JAMBO plastic factory, PUGU Road, Dares Salaam, Tanzania



International Exchanges

  • Signed cooperation agreements with Nippon Steel, Toyota and Mitsubishi

  • Mr. Pinda, Prime Minister of Tanzania, visited BNBM Group’s booth; reported by local media as front-page headlines.

  • Mr. Scott, Vice President of Zambia, visited BNBM Group’s booth and made an inscription.

  • Ambassadors from 7 Caribbean countries to China visited BNBM Group's housing base.

  • Mr. Raila Odinga, former Prime Minister of Kenya, visited BNBM Group's housing base.

  • CEO of CANFOR visited BNBM Group.

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